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So what is a Culturefest?

It’s a company wide 4 to 12-week program, depending on the size of your scale-up, in which you and your executive team kickstart a new company culture movement towards achieving your strategic goals. The design-led program is a co-creation between our team and yours consisting out of the following 4 phases:


Driving culture through purpose requires commitment and communication. That’s why after an initial intake the Dream phase starts out with sessions around purpose and storytelling. We will define the North Star of your strategy and co-create a Culture Manifesto in our signature workshop “From Purpose to Performance”


In the Diagnose phase we will involve your employees to get feedback on your Culture Manifesto. We will combine this with an in-depth analysis of your current culture state through interviews and research. The Culture Report will give insights into which what actions will have the biggest impact on your movement.


In the third phase of your Culturefest, based on our findings, we will facilitate a HR related Design Sprint. A mixed team of experts, stakeholders and employees will develop a prototyped solution (e.g. a framework for of a new recognition program) that will start driving the desired behavior towards your goals.


The end of your Culturefest is the beginning of your Culture Movement. During the previous phases we will have developed a tailor made training that will empower everyone to take part in driving the new values, mindsets and behaviors needed to create the company of your dreams.

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