There is no secret formula to success. 

With a background in human sciences, innovation strategy and organizational change, I have worked as an entrepreneur, management consultant and executive teamcoach for a variety of corporate and start-up clients.

I’ve led large scale transformations, sparked culture movements, shifted professional mindsets and coached teams in creating business results through behavioral change.

By studying and experimenting with different methods, frameworks and approaches I have learned there is no secret formula to success. Every situation is unique.

But I did discover the key principles that when combined will put you on the fast track towards achieving your ambitions.

Put People Before Profit

Drive Performance Through Purpose

Align Strategy With Culture

Grow By Design

A capability building method developed to create immediate and lasting impact.

Why does it work?


Design-led companies outperform the S&P over 10 years by 219%
Source: Design Management Institute


Purpose-driven companies outperform the financial markets by 42%
Source: Global Leadership Forecast


Strategy aligned cultures boost business performance up to 240%
Source: Harvard Business Review


We put people at the center of your growth strategy, and use empathy to gain true insight into you, your people and your clients’ needs.


Our creative learning process leverages the way the human brain is wired to evolve and shape new behaviors.


Engaging all stakeholders during the process we make use of multiple perspectives to unlock creativity throughout your whole organisation.


The iterative way of designing your culture ensures concrete results, keeps motivation high and makes change achievable.

Ingrid has developed a method that uses insight into how our brains are wired to unlock potential in a way that makes sense for people and for business.

Wouter van den BergNeuro-Economist & Founder BrainCompass