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ingrid tappin culturefest

Ingrid Tappin

Culture Design Lead

I am an energetic change leader with a unique background in leadership development, entrepreneurship, innovation and the human sciences.

With a profound passion for helping people grow professionally and personally, I love to drive new ways of working and thinking within organizations.

I have over 15 years of experience consulting with corporations, entrepreneurs and executive leadership teams.

My specialties are: the future of work, north star envisioning, culture design, human resource development, building high performing teams.

When it comes to truly making an impact, I have learned a few lessons here and there. Above all, I've learned that making a difference doesn’t necessarily mean tackling the world’s biggest challenges. I believe when you focus on inspiring people, you expand your reach and potential to make the world a better place.

karlijn fiesler storytelling expert

Karlijn Fiesler

Strategic Storytelling Expert

I am a strategic storytelling expert with a background in communication, media and marketing. As an professional workshop creator and facilitator I coache executive teams in translating rational data into compelling stories.

Margriet Buseman

Design Sprint Facilitator

My Dutch roots taught me to work hard and never give up. Growing up in Canada taught me to appreciate nature and take time for people. All of which make me who I am.

Design Sprint facilitator

As a Design Sprint facilitator, I empower teams to think differently. To be customer obsessed and to fall in love with problems. I facilitate Design Sprints, a process designed by Google Ventures to solve problems and test solutions in 5 days. Furthermore, loving to bite into something new, I am experienced in the creation and execution of inter- and intracompany entrepreneurial programs.

Robert Westerhuis

Design Sprint Facilitator

I am a man of dreams. At the age of 15, I wanted to travel the world. I did. I travelled to over 66 countries. I hitchhiked from China to Turkey. I cycled from Amsterdam to Italy. After finishing my Master Degree in Change Management I decided to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. I did. I learned from my first failures in Amsterdam’s startup scene but also my first successes setting up new innovative startups from scratch.

Google Design Sprints

Now I am running 5 day Google Design Sprints (already over 40) , train the trainers and Sprint workshops. Besides that I facilitate ideation sessions, I enjoy helping companies with their quests and putting people at the heart of everything. Putting people at a central place enables many businesses to come up with new innovative ideas and improvements to their current business. I am happy to spark, facilitate, coach and use my creativity in this process.

zoe goddijn trainer

Zoé Goddijn

Team Performance Coach

Since 2013 I work as an independent coach. With a fresh, unconventional perspective, I look at people and organization in a different way.
I studied communication with complementary psychology at the University of Amsterdam. As an HR professional, I got to know people and companies in the telecom, retail and advertising sectors, among others, and followed various training courses as a trainer and coach. My specialty is working with tech teams, developers and leadership teams.
My role is to set things in motion and develop organizations and the people involved. With energy and humor I will analyze where problems are and help unlock potential.